A Kiss Is A Kiss Is A Kiss

Ahhh!! Damn you Chickybabe!! Why did you have to post up something like this? Great, now I’m reminded perfectly of what I left back in Australia. A warm hand to hold, a cold can of bundy rum and coke in the other hand, a (or do you consider them a pair of lips) lip to kiss and a hell of a walk through the park that will be the rest of the year. That is definitely something you look foward to everyday after being denied it for far too long.

Of course, what her post really get my noodle thinking is…well…the times I did get kissed. If anything, kissing and being kissed by the one I love and care for means a hell lot for me. Was there lust in those kisses? Yeah…more than my fair share of it. Was there love in there too? You can bet your money on that one. Of course though…there was something else in those kisses I never really understood until a while back. Between lust and love, what mattered more than anything for me…was the fact they held in them the comfort I always wanted.

Comfort is a pretty odd thing to find in kisses…or maybe not that odd considering you’d also find comfort too in the arms or another. I don’t know, there is something reassuring when you realise you’re being kissed by someone you want kissing you on the lips. What evolutionary trick of fate made kissing that natural or good, I have no idea. What I do know is that if there is any part of me that finally feels accepted and belonged to, it’s when her lips touch mine.

Okay…let’s…keep things together. There is no sense letting my imagination run wild with…well…run wild. I’ve got less than a month till I return to Australia. I have been keeping it together for the past 2 months, there is no sense to lose it compeltely now thanks to a very…vivid…post that jump started my own memories. One way or another, I’ll be back. When that happens, I can afford to let it all go. Then what I left back in Australia will be something that is standing in front of me.

Where is goes from there…well…I’ll just have to remind myself to gasp for air every once in a while, just to be on the safe side.

4 thoughts on “A Kiss Is A Kiss Is A Kiss

  1. Aww…my very bad … not long now till you’re back. Forget my vivid post! Read an angry rant or something. Or do like Homer Simpson “must think unsexy thoughts…”

  2. Chickybabe: Hah…no can do. Those thoughts are permanently burnt into my head. Nothing short of a lobotomy can get rid of it. Mmmm…lobotomy.

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