5 thoughts on “A Question I Have To Ask

  1. I’ll send you endless supply of rubber bands. 😉 black ones. 🙂

    Oh, the answer to your question is … err..no? What are you so worried about?

  2. it’s a sin…Jesus had long hair and he never tied it…

    maybe there wasn’t rubber bands?

    lol kidding mate, nah i think what’s more important is “is it neat?”

  3. erm. a sin? nola…but really. short hair’s the way to go, ed!

    funnily enough, i only have one other friend who’s keeping his hair long, and his name’s ed too!

  4. OMG!! then it must be an ‘ed’ thing!!! my bf USED to keep his hair long too till i got him to snip off his locks coz i REALLY think he looks SO much better with short hair. 😀

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