A Wicked Way To Ruin A Life

The worst part about being an obsessive compulsive with the Rubiks Complex is when someone gives you a puzzle game that pushes your puzzle solving abilities to the absolute limits. It’s even worse when you’re an obsessive compulsive that doesn’t have net access at home and you have to wait one whole day for you to actually try the solution that you think will work this time. It’s not like I don’t already have many many things to do but you don’t have to take away the last remnants of my life as well.

Me: Arrrgh!! What are you trying to do to me?!
Me: You do know I have the Rubiks Complex right?
Minishorts: Hahaha!!

With friends like this…who needs more friends? Come to think of it. With friends like these, who has time for any friends at all? Then again, with friends like me…are you game enough to go for it?

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