6 thoughts on “Acknowledgements

  1. Aww.. That’s just so sweet, LOL.
    (After canteen food, you might want to also thank the teachers who thought that your ambition to be a “scientist” was far-fetched.)

  2. ahhh… you spelled acknowledgments wrong in the drawing!!! sorry I just had to say that.. 🙁

  3. Pelf: Not surprisingly, no one really knew what I wanted to be. No one bothered to ask.

    A.Loved: Gah! Way to notice that. Too late to change now. It’ll be a thorn in our side for as long as it’s there. 🙂

  4. Well, I still think the Discussion should be the hardest part of all to write in a thesis. Everything you write has to somewhat correlate with what has been written before this plus, you need to also compare your results to others. Not a very easy task indeed.

    I guess Acknowledgments should be the easiest part to write, though I agree it’s not very easy trying to remember everyone who’s helped you put this thesis together.

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