All I Want For Christmas

If I only had a camera I would ba able to just show you the pretty nifty Christmas present I got last night. But since I don’t even have a decent camera to show for, all I can do is to describe it.

It’s a stuffed black and white furry affair with a blue winter hat, a scarf, mittens and booties. It’s got a yellow beak and it’s about the hight from my waist to my neck (assuming I am hunched over the computer) and its just so soft to hug.

Now I wonder if anyone would hazard a guess to what it is. If you can’t guess it, you could always ask Dee about it. After all, she was the one that got it for me. Thanks a whole lot.

2 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas

  1. Hi! Merry Christmas! My name is Julia and i am an Austrian student and doing a survey about how Malaysians feel about English. I am desperately looking for people who answer some questions for me. Please help me, as it is very difficult for me to find people. Send me a mail and i will send you the questions. (and please tell your friends about it)
    Have a happy new year!

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