Anna Nicole Who?

I’m not as fascinated in her life or death as I am fascinated and amused by the people who actually find it newsworthy. It’s hard to put a finger or three on what she actually was to people’s eyes and why would people find her death more important than other things in life. While she idolized Marilyn Monroe, the classy blonde she was not. Yet despite that, she did start from practically nothing to being a celebrity and that would have gotten a lot of people talking.

Even if you were half way across the world.

7 thoughts on “Anna Nicole Who?

  1. It might not fascinate you but I guess it fascinates other people around the globe, including me! This is a shock. Her son died too(forgot when), only 21 and so young. She may not be a classy blonde, but she’s still pretty famous for whatever she is.

  2. When I saw the news on PPS, I thought the name sounded familiar. Of course, it was only a google’s click away before I found out she was a pr0nstar, lol.

  3. This goes to show how we humans are such narcissists isn’t it. Some bloggers have no other inspiring topic to blog about but just for the sake of repeating news that would eventually give them more traffic they yearn for. If you click on most (or all) of them, it’s basically the same shit linking from the same source. 😀

  4. Miss Positive: The question for me really is…why is she famous?

    Silencers: The playboy bunny who married a rich old Texan. Ahh, the American dream. 🙂

    Dee: I didn’t even bother clicking on them. Blogs aside, there are people on my list that are giving the same “R.I.P” message to Anna Nicole Smith. That’s the baffling part.

  5. I have no idea who this woman is. Her name popped up once or twice, but I never really paid attention. Now I hear she died and that her death seems to be as big a media event as her lifestyle and story. She was a model, a p-star? Did she do anything else? In any case, I suppose a film will be in the making soon.

    You know, it’s always sad when people die, but I don’t think I’ll feel bad about this. More pressing urges elsewhere in the world and all that, you know?t. Judging by your title, you’re not all that affected either, are you?

  6. She’s famous cos she was fighting for her late husband’s properties. Plus she was a Playboy playmate. But I guess she was better known as a young wife to a rich, old man who used to watch her dancing at a club.

    P.S. You’ve been tagged. Feel free to check my blog sometime ok? Hey, I like the font on your blog.

  7. Nils: Not by a bit. Then again, this is death and death rarely affects me unless it’s someone I have a deep personal relationship with. So I suppose with all of that, I never paid any attention either.

    Miss Positive: From nothing to riches. I suppose that’s the fulfilment of the American Dream. Everybody likes that. Nobody likes it when that goes sour.

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