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“Why don’t you talk to me much?”

“Because its easier for me to continue the conversation than to start one.”

Which is true anyway. The hardest part is always to find something to talk about so for the most part, I don’t really bother with conversations. That doesn’t really get me much brownie points for attracting the attention of people and it just happens to be what makes me understated. Don’t even look at me when it comes to blogging because like the conversations in my life, everything I blog about is almost always a reaction to something that has happened in and around me. Never have I blogged about something completely new as an opening topic.

So let this be no different than before. Why don’t you ask me a question and I’ll answer it. Come on, give it a go. It’s open comment night and feel free to ask me anything. So I’ll be expecting questions from you, you and you. Who knows? You might actually find the answers you’re looking for.

21 thoughts on “Ask Edrei

  1. Oh darn, Joey Brooks stole my question :p

    Hmm let’s see … hmm … ahh, what’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done in your life?

  2. Why wordpress?

    And here’s a random suggestion: pick any Australian movie, (or a movie set in Australia) and visit the places in that movie in order they appear in the movie. *Flees before she gets shot*

  3. Joey: Because penguins are cute cuddly things that were the rare to collect and I’ve always loved penguins because they were the underdogs. It just took one person to bring it out of me.

    Tine: Enough that I have microfractures on both my knees. That’s the reason why I’m on painkillers. On good days it’s an annoyance. On bad days, well…it’s bad.

    Jeffery: God doesn’t hate you. God treats everyone equally. God hates everybody and the practical jokes that are the ironic twists of fate proves it. 🙂

    Pat: Because it works best with everything I want in a blog. And I need money for that kind of thing. Not like I’m overflowing with it anyway. 🙂

  4. Why does Myspace suck so much, but attract so many? Why do they not adopt a better blogging platform, or atleast make better adjustments. I have seen so many of these, even the political ones…they all suck. IMO
    What do you thing?

  5. Eli: Any question in the world and you’re asking that? Metallic black is my favourite colour. Favourite ice cream flavour is rum and raisin.

    ChickyBabe: I know, I just saw!! I would be sitting by the porch watching the world pass by while trying to find inspiration for a book I’m writing. Those thoughts and expression needs to go somewhere.

    Adam: Because popularity is about calling to the masses no matter what the content is. Horde mentality never gave much credit to values that could be appreciated. As long as it works and it gets the message across, the lowest common denominator with hold the most cards.

  6. Ooh. So you mean I can get to ask another question? ;P What religion are you in? That should be reasonably fair.

    PS: I love vanilla

  7. Eli: Officially, I’m supposed to be Muslim. Then again, I’ve always been the Agnostic scientist at heart taking everything into consideration.

    Chapree: Nope I don’t. It’s disgusting. 🙂

  8. I was more attached with your opening sentence. Almost everyone faces the same issue – difficulty to start a conversation. I believe it’s a skill that we need to brush daily. A dream character always be someone who can communicate on all matters with anyone (friends and strangers) without glitches and they can go and go without a stop and switch to a new topic in seconds. I have never met one before.

  9. I want to ask a question! “What do you think about turtle conservation in Malaysia?”
    Hhhaha, just kidding. My question is, “Do you like to read my turtle posts? Should I continue writing them? You don’t care?”
    OK, OK, 3 questions 🙂

  10. Sureindran: That’s why I never try. You just go with the flow. Do what you can and things always work out for the better. 🙂

    1. I honestly don’t know anything about it.
    2. Yes I do read your posts on turtles, why do you think I send you links on them?
    3. Write what you love, write with passion. That’s what I say. 🙂
    4. I always like it when people write with passion.

  11. Sensitive question ahead…

    Have you ever thought of converting to Christianity?

    What are your thoughts about those who do?

    I’m a Christian. 🙂

  12. Nope, because religion no matter what the denomination is something that would hold me back from my own freedom to pursue the questions that cannot be answered with the simple “Because God made it so”.

    I think those who do with a purpose, well…they have a purpose. If they have faith without being blind to it, then let them have that faith. People after all need some form of hope through faith. But for those that do for the sake of being with the crowd, Or because they know nothing else but what it is, not just in Christianity, but any religion, that’s something that loses it’s respect entirely.

  13. Dear Ed,

    Why are Malaysian politics so sucky?

    Wait… a proper question. When will you be back? Argh. Hols start in 4 days.

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