Ask Edrei II

As the little bit of wisdom goes, if you have nothing to say, have others say them for you. As with before, I’m inviting anyone and everyone to ask me a random question. Whether about myself, about life, about love, or about general geekiness even. I’ll do my best to answer your question.

It’s open comment for everyone. So even if you’re a silent reader. It’s high time to come out and ask those questions you never thought I would answer. Because on a post like this, anything goes. Even secrets have their way of coming out if you know what it is you’re looking for.

Now I’ll leave the floor to you.

20 thoughts on “Ask Edrei II

  1. There is no wrong in dividing by zero. It’s only wrong if you didn’t at least try to figure out how to do so.

  2. What do you think is the most interesting current unsolved problem in biology?

    The “intellectual” in me just had to ask that. 🙂

  3. Almost Loved: To me at least, how telomerase controls cell division and ultimately the life expectancy of a cell. Understanding that would be a step closer to unravelling a critical process of metastatic tumours. Also a step closer to clinical immortality.

    Cléa: I’ve got plenty of books to read. Ones that I’ve currently backlogged over the past couple of months. Rest assured that even without the net. The week will past by really fast with all the non-stop page flipping I’ll be doing.

  4. On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being the least, and 10 the most), how would you rate yourself in terms of recycling efforts?


  5. Ever put thought on the law of energy conservation? How this whole energy cannot be destroyed or created but transformed from one form to another. Ever found anything, and I mean anything that defies this law? I tried for example checking on black holes and even anti matter particles but they don’t defy this law at all. Any thoughts on this?

  6. Err meant the law of thermodynamics. Specifically the “First Law that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed; rather, the amount of energy lost in a steady state process cannot be greater than the amount of energy gained.”

  7. IssacFrost: This law is a universal constant which does not seem to have any exceptions (hence universal constant). Also, it doesn’t just apply to physical properties of the universe, but the subjective properties of our everyday lives. Everything we do has a consequence. For every gain we achieve, we sacrifice of equal value in return. So because there is nothing out there that I know which defies this law. It is unquestioned.

  8. after reading many of your posts I have this question, do you personally believe that the Universe revolve around you?

  9. Captainobvious: Of course my universe revolves around me. As yours revolves around you. As other people’s revolves around themselves. It’s when our universes overlap that we see who is more dominant. Who can redefine whose world.

  10. Tine: Because I was hungry on this side of the road.

    Come on people. Is this the best you can do? The one chance to ask everything and anything, where there are no secrets and you’re asking all this? Tsk tsk. 🙂

  11. Don’t make me barrage you with questions! Plus I don’t know about anyone else but I feel personal questions can be uncomfortable.

    For example:
    Who was your first date and where? How old where you then? What was you thinking during the moment? What was your first thought when you saw your date? Did you “sealed the deal” on the first date (kissing you perv)? Anything embarrassing happened during the date? Did you “go all the way” with your date the first time? The second time? The third time? (Yes now I am referring to you know what.) When you did “go all the way” What position you enjoyed the most? Your date? Both?

    (Do apply if you drink)
    What’s your favorite drink? Do you like getting drunk? What was the most stupid thing you ever done under influences of alcohol (if any)? Ever tried walking straight with a “few”? Ever gotten stopped by the cops? How you manage to get out of it?

    Seriously as a federal juror I can continue this for a long while 😉

  12. melissa: Holy crap. This is an unprecedented comment. And the answer is, when I have your 3 billion dollar mine. 🙂

    IssacFrost: I write a personal blog. How much less incognito can one get about their lives? 🙂 Dang, I should have said one question a person, but since I didn’t specify that. I’ll answer your questions.

    1. If it was to be considered a proper date, surprisingly it was someone I met online and it was at a mall.
    2. Also very surprising, when I was 18.
    3. “I hope I’m meeting the right person or I’ll look like a total tool”.
    4. “Ok, she really is petite.”
    5. A gentleman never does such things. A geek never does either.
    6. No it was pretty smooth sailing.
    7. No I’m not that kind of guy.
    8. No that didn’t apply either.
    9. Doesn’t apply.
    10. Doesn’t apply.
    11. Doesn’t apply.
    12. Jim Bean and coke or Jim Bean on the rocks
    13. Shattered my Rubiks Cube and threw a storm after finding out my ex was dating someone at a birthday party I was attending, after that I became an expensive drunk. Can’t really get drunk now no matter how much I drink.
    14. Surprisingly I can now since I can’t get wasted and my mind is even more alert when I’m tipsy.
    15. Nope.
    16. Doesn’t apply.

    There we go. All answered honestly. As you can tell, I’m a pretty dull guy to have fun with, though it does win a lot of points with women somehow especially these days.

  13. Late comment, but can you describe the feeling of being tipsy yet your mind is more alert than normal?

    Extension of the question above. 😛

  14. Naoko: I’m aware of everything around me. The sounds, the people, their actions. I can focus on a single person and understand everything they say or let my mind wander and pick up 2 different conversations in the vicinity. So if I want to walk, I just focus on what I’m doing and it all goes well from there. I still can walk in a straight line after a few glasses of hard liquor or jugs of beer.

  15. Question! ^^

    i’ve just stumbled upon ur blog and i’ve read that you’re an agnostic.

    i wanna know since when you start off to be an agnostic and why???
    have you experience something that makes you lost faith in your religion???
    it’s because somehow i want to relate it to myself as well. Hope you wouldn’t mind answering it 🙂

  16. Stef: I’ve always been an agnostic at heart so it’s not a loss of faith. It’s my upbringing or rather what I experienced and learned during my upbringing. There is more to this world than can be explained with “because God said so”. There is knowledge, wonders and horrors beyond what’s shown to us. I guess on a whole, religion always stifled the exploration of that part of the world for me.

    To find your answers, you have to first ask your questions. Questions that go beyond what religion normally lets you.

    If you want to know more, a lot of what I think is all around the blog. Just search for the keywords “religion” on the search box above and you’ll find in detail why I think that way.

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