Aye Matey ‘Ere There Be Pirates Talking

If you haven’t already noticed every single post and comment on this blog now sounds like pirate talk. Aye…that’s right…and I didn’t manually change every single one of them. That’s all thanks to a special little WordPress plugin called Text Filter Suite which changes all your post or commet text to a different slang of your choice…in this case…a pirate talk.

Why this insanity you ask? Well…apparently today just happens to be “Talk Like A Pirate” Day. Which as crazy as the name sounds literally is a day where you talk…or in this case blog like a pirate. So to celebrate this obscure event, I have come up with a list of things to do throughout the day.

  1. Talk like a pirate (obviously).
  2. Rob, pillage and otherwise plunder my weasely ass out of all situations today.
  3. Avoid Aztec gold for reasons of safety.
  4. Take what I can and give nothing back.
  5. Watch Pirates of the Caribbean again for the 37th time.
  6. Drink rum like there was no tomorrow.
  7. Wear a bandana over my head and insist people address me as captain.
  8. Sing pirate songs all day long.
  9. Watch clips of Spongebob Squarepants for no clear reasons aside from insanity.

I guess that’s good way of putting things into perspective because it’s either that or I have nothing better to do than what I have mentioned so far. Which is the more likely reason, I cannot say for sure at this point.

But what I can say is that being a pirate is more than just fancy clothes, the colourful language and the nefarious deeds…that’s what a pirate does…but what a pirate is…is freedom. That which you can stand your ground and sail away wherever you want and do whatever you can. Steering your life with absolute certainty without a doubt. That’s what a pirate is. That’s what I call a life. So with that in mind. Yo ho yo ho…you savvy?

12 thoughts on “Aye Matey ‘Ere There Be Pirates Talking

  1. Shiver me timbers…aarrr.. what ‘o we ‘ave ‘ere? Aye, yer scurvy dog! I’ve a fierce fire in m belly t’ crush seventeen men’s skulls between me thighs!…Arrrr…Arrrr!

    hehe…this is fun!

  2. hey, no fair… 😛

    you are editing and changing everybody’s comments, until it is no longer our words anymore. as such I disclaim every responsibility and liability on my comments in this blog, coz those are not my words, matey!

    hehe… just kiddin’. this is kinda cool. like kenny’s benglish translator.

  3. Believe it or not, I’m not changing anything. That’s all the plugin automatically changing all the words we’re typing for us. 😛

    Sashi: I have no idea how to remove that PPS pingback from Kramer. It doesn’t bother me much, just deleting it when it comes out. Just that I was in a rush this time so I didn’t delete it.

  4. bizarre…..but SO funny n interesting…hehe! 😛

    *purposely posting just so i can see what happens..hahaha!*

  5. what the fuck you mean that my comments will look like this silly pirate talk?


  6. this place is a little bit dead 😛

    can you get that filter thing into word or office or something?

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