Back To Say Break Over

You knew I couldn’t stay away from the net for long. You knew that always isn’t the case no matter how much I try to stay away as far as possible. I would always return to the place where I feel most at home at.

Back on the net.

Of course, not all problems are resolved, but at least that long walk had it’s effect on me. Then again, it’s always the case that when I do take a break, its always the reasons what bring me back here. It’s always the reason that I return.

To make sure things are alright.

Yes, that’s me. I try hard to care less about the people who only see me as something I’m not and find myself in the center of people who do see me as something more than just a random voice on the net. I guess that’s what the hiatus was about anyway, to take a step back and work out my problems which include knowing where I stand in the eyes of some people. Even after all this while…I still find the need to make a name for myself.

I guess some pasts stay with you forever.

But that shouldn’t stop me from whatever I have done so far. If part of life is about maintaining the ties that keep you to it then by all means no matter what hellhole I go through, it shouldn’t come to a case whereby I lock myself out from the responsibilities that I took onto myself in the first place. You can’t hide under your problems because it’s convienient anyway.

It just makes things worse.

So here I am. This is me. There is nowhere else on earth I want to be. Thanks to those of you that kept asking how I was and kept giving me a reason to be online in the first place. Some things always change. Some things…always stay the same.

For the sake of keeping some things alive.

Some things always stay the same.

4 thoughts on “Back To Say Break Over

  1. Hey Ed…

    Am glad that you’re back again. Me hope that everything will be fine although it takes time.

    Till then… I will be here always. *huggles*

    Cheers!!! *knocked my glass over.. geez*

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