Back To Square Two

ChickyBabe would be wondering why (or at least I’m assuming she’s wondering why) I’m busy blogging rather than working on my new layout. You know, the “more work, less distraction” agenda. I could only assume (again with the assumptions) that she’s been blogging a whole lot less because she’s working on both her new blog layout and novel while trying to juggle work and a generous social life. Which of course are all nothing more than assumptions because come on, her anonymity begets her.

Fortunately though, my blogging has a very important function in the design of my theme, because right now I really need to take some time…to goof off. Inspiration is hard to come by even with taking an evening stroll. It’s harder still to come by when you’re walking the dog and have to pick up its poop after that. Surprisingly though inspiration comes quick after being crabby and angry, mainly due to Mel’s natural insensitivity of things said and the throbbing headache that has been my migraine for the past 12 hours or more. My muse is a strange and eccentric one.

So what I’ve done so far is tossed the old colours out and changed the colour scheme completely. I decided to make the colours blend in a little more with the theme I have in mind as well as reflect the mood of the blog. It also gave me a chance to find something a little more contrasting for the links. It’s not perfect, but I can finally say that it’s a step in the right direction. I might twiddle with the intensity of the colours along the way, but I can start working on the rest of the layout because it feels about right.

To think I work best when I’m melancholic, angry or just plain crabby just defies common sense. Most people don’t feel like working when they are too annoyed with something they don’t like. I just tend to get better ideas out from it that’s all. The only downside to this is that I do have to take a breather, at least to make sure I don’t pop a blood vessel in the head or make a migraine worse.

The other downside is I think I have to patch up some rough edges with Mel before I sleep. Not that she doesn’t have the tendency to let everything slide in the morning, but because I don’t like sleeping disturbed like that. After all, there is only so much you can do with a migraine in one night. The bed can be an awfully lonely place even if you weren’t in the wrong to begin with.

2 thoughts on “Back To Square Two

  1. You know what they say about assumptions! 😛 So I’ll leave it there…

    It’s called procrastination, my friend, and the more pressure you put on yourself, the less creative you can be. I know it too well :(.

  2. Well, that certainly adds to the enchantment that you are doesn’t it? Who is ChickyBabe? Not even I have all the answers. 😛

    The more pressure I put into my work, the less creative I get. The more pressure I put into myself especially on irrelevant things, the more creative I tend to be. 🙂

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