Bean Soup For The Chilled Soul

I would have written something a little longer than this, but let’s just put it in a way we all can understand.

“I cannot feel the tips of my fingers that hit the keyboard.”

I guessing it’s the cold, which is a sad thing because I hate the tropical heat, even though I’ved lived in it for most of my life. I would move here permanently just for the colder weather itself if it wasn’t for the debilitating pain that shoots through my knees everytime it gets cold enough. But life never makes it easy for you. It just makes you need to do the things you need to do to get you to where you want. That’s why I needed to cook this:

Some like it hot for the night

You can pretty much guess that I can’t feel what’s left of my brain as well since it looks pretty much like someone regurgitated his innards into that pot, but I guess that’s winter for you.

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