Behind These Deep Black Eyes…

Wow…another one for the books. For some reason I just keep finding songs that kinda reflects some parts of my life. Don’t get me wrong. As much as I still think of her everyday. I’ve moved past to the point where I don’t hurt as much as I used to before. Or at least I’m used to that small hurt whenever I think of her.

Time doesn’t heal everything.

Not like they say.

I suppose in all of this, music has helped me a lot. Through the loneliness, through the voices, through the pain and through all the hard times I had to go through. Music has always been there. And it just so happens that everytime I need the right music for the right moment. Something perfect always comes around. Something right.

Something I needed.

Although I just wish I could have found this song a little bit earlier for that aching heart of mine. It would have sounded so right to sing it in my head over and over again and at least take some pain away.

Oh well…better late than never.

Seems like just yesterday, you were a part of me.
I used to stand so tall, I used to be so strong.
Your arms around me tight, everything it felt so right.
Unbreakable, like nothing could go wrong.

Now I can’t breathe, no I can’t sleep.
I’m barely hanging on.

Here I am, once again.
I’m torn into pieces, can’t deny it, can’t pretend.
Just thought you were the one.
Broken up, deep inside.
But you won’t get to see the tears I cry.
Behind these hazel deep black eyes.

I told you everything, opened up and let you in.
You made me feel alright, for once in my life.
Now all that’s left of me is what I pretend to be.
So together, but so broken up inside.

Swallow me, then spit me out.
For hating you, I blame myself.
Seeing you, it kills me now.
No, I don’t cry on the outside anymore.

Definitely better late than never anyway.

6 thoughts on “Behind These Deep Black Eyes…

  1. hey… dis post is something similar to wat i was thinking of yeterday. nic 2 know someone out there feels d same way… 🙂

    dun feel 2 bad okay? life can only get better after this… take care n ciao!

  2. Nani: Like my post said, I don’t feel so bad. I’ve got my music with me and friends I can rely on in many ways. You just don’t forget the past that’s all. Thanks for the sentiment anyway. 🙂

  3. Just like you, I never could really forget my past. Many of those are happy memories, but then I feel sad again because I realized I’ve lost the one whom I share the memory with.
    Yeah, it takes time to heal…. but only as much as you let it. Good song btw. Take care.

  4. That is so deep! i think music can help us through rough times and it definately has helped me. keep your chin up though cuz’ in the immortal words of shania twain you can only go up from here.

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