Blog Anywhere, Blog Everywhere

What do you write half an hour before class?

I don’t know.

Would you even blog before you’re supposed to be somewhere else? I don’t think many people would do so to begin with. Does that mean that I am addicted to blogging?

You can certainly bet on that.

Heck, given the situation, I don’t think I’m ever a hour away from the nearest net access at all times. Anything at all to make sure that I’m as attached to the web and as close as possible to blogging as I can be. I would be. The only time I can possibly tear myself away from all this…technology is when I head out into the middle of nowhere for a decent retreat.

Of course you didn’t think I wouldn’t have blogged in advanced now will you?

After all, I’ve got to keep the flow going even though I’m not here. I swear to God, when I’m long and dead…I’ll find a way to make sure I keep blogging even if I have to come back and pester someone to channel my thoughts and start ghost writing.

Now that would definitely make me addicted to blogging.

So what do you write when you have less than half an hour until you got to be somewhere else?

I don’t know.

But from the looks of it, it definitely isn’t something really worth reading.

Go figure.

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