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It’s finally here. Blogathon 2005 has opened its doors once again…and thanks to my previous attempts at my very own blogathons, this time I’m more than prepared to do another 24 hours of zany blogging.

But this time it’s with a difference.

It’s for charity.

That’s right. That’s what the Blogathon project is all about. People doing what they love to do and doing it for something worthwhile. I would think that’s something worth going into.

So I decided right here right now.

If I’m going to do something worthwhile about anything here on my site and if everything works out well, on August 6th, I will be participating along with the rest of the world on a 24 hour marathon of blog posts to raise awareness and donations for the charity of my choice.

I hope that whoever is reading this would be willing to help out if they can. Anything and everything is appreciated to make something this big a success. What I have to do now is to pick a charity I can donate to and to find a worthwhile sponsor that can pledge their donations as well. I’ve got a few weeks to do it so any recommendations is much appreciated and knowing my own PR skills, that’s going to be tricky at best.

But at least I can say I have something else in my life I can be proud about.

So spread the word.

Do something worthwhile with something you love and get ready..

Blogathon 2005 is coming.

7 thoughts on “Blog For Charity…

  1. Whichever charity organization that you’re gonna choose, I pledge that I will donate. 🙂 Afterall, it is for something good…

  2. Hi

    Tat’s a cool thing to do….I oso want to take part. How do I participate? Pls email me? TQ

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