Blogathon 2005: Aftermath

Someone asked me today “How does it feel to have finished the blogathon?” It’s a pretty obvious question anyway since finishing the blogathon over 12 hours ago. But after 8 hours of sleep and classes to attend to in the morning. All I can say is one thing.

It feels like distant memory in the past.

But why would it? I mean, come on…you blogged by yourself for 24 hours straight posting one post every 30 minutes without any special preparations on what you’re going to write. You had so little time to think of what pictures you were going to take for each posts let alone what you were going to write about it. To top that off, you singlehandedly raised a shit load of cash for something you want and believe in after weeks of mind numbing publicity behind the typical media scenes.

It’s got to account for something.

But it doesn’t feel like it.

It just feels like I’ve done nothing. It feels like I’ve made no difference, no…real impact whatsoever. Everything that I has been for those 24 hours was a means to an end I expected more from. What that end is, no…I will not mention it here because the only attention I seem to get a lot of is bad attention and I do not intend to add more to that.

Yippee cynical self.

But I do try hard to remind myself why I should be happy for what I’ve done. I mean aside from all the reasons I gave above which is every reason to already be happy, I guess that I can close my eyes and smile at the fact that in that moment, regardless of the fact that other people were doing the same thing…at that moment with everything I did.

I knew I was special.

Some of you may argue that the blogathon was about making a difference…and yes with all the money we raised. We made a difference. But it doesn’t discount the fact that some differences should also be for yourself because after all…these are blogs.

While that statement may only reinforce the belief to some of you that I’m this self-centered, whiny little kid, I’m going to ignore you guys because I know a some of you know what I really mean in by that sentence and I’m trusting you guys to hold true to what you told me.

Giving the events that passed from the moment I decided to stake my part in the Blogathon till the end of it. I guess my insecurities and desires always had a better part of me and without the people who were there to stand by me…not the blogathon, I don’t think I could have been any saner than I was.

So my desires and wants aside. I thank the people who really stood by me in making sure I focused on doing what what was important in the first place. For what blogathon really meant past the publicity and the charities.

To blog because you love to blog.

To blog because it’s who you are.

To blog because its your life.

8 thoughts on “Blogathon 2005: Aftermath

  1. *hugs*

    you are special
    doesn’t matter what ppl say
    just ignore them
    you’re always here for me and I’m always here for you.

  2. Bawang: Haha…definitely. We’ve been publicizing it for weeks now, how could you have missed it? 🙂

    Chiq: I know. I’m counting on that a lot. 🙂

  3. Congrats,Syabas, for a job well done.I salute you on your marathon blogging.

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