Blood Lust

I could feel the icy coldness of her hands through my clothes as she pinned me to the bed. Even though the weight of her body pressed against my shoulders felt secure, I knew I could easily turn the tides and and have her on the bottom instead of me. But I didn’t.

“Why did you lunge at me?”

“Because you dared me to.”

Her answer was blindingly obvious. I should have known better. In many ways I did.

I could feel her quick hot breaths upon my face. For what seemed like eternity we looked at each other with a kind of primal sensation. The one that comes before hunger or lust. The way a predator plays around with its prey. The question now was, who was the predator? Who was the prey?

“Damn you.” She muttered.


“You’re playing the weak geek aren’t you?”

Let is not be said that she wasn’t quick to pick things up.

“And if I am?”


I opted for the truth. “Because isn’t this fun?”

She slowly pulled her body back releasing me from her grip as she never tore away from my stare. Her eyes twisted with silent questions. Her face trying to work out the rational of my actions in the moments we just played out.

“Damn you. You’re a very dangerous person you know that?”

“Well, if you knew that, why did you come anyway?”

“You had me at fake blood. You knew you had me at fake blood…”

I knew then I didn’t have to roll her over to have her in my grasp. I already had her pinned down waiting for the final coup de grâce. The question was, how long would it take for her to realize it? The question was, how long would it take the predator to realize that it had become the prey?

I could only smiled at her in reply. This time though, it wasn’t a smile of someone who was at the bottom. This time, it was a smile of someone who enjoyed being on top.

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