Bodies Do Wear Out

More a personal reminder than anything else.

I really have to remember that getting out of bed early to go on a grocery run by foot has to go hand in hand with going to bed just as early. Otherwise your body is just going to feel like a pinata the whole party has had a go at because it won’t crack open. I’m pretty sure some parts of my body have cracked particularly my knees, but that might be just a fluke of an excuse.

Either way if this is ever going to be a regular habit on Saturday mornings, Friday nights are going to be a whole lot shorter than they already are. Not like they could have been long in the first place. At least, not in the sleepy neck of the woods where I live.

6 thoughts on “Bodies Do Wear Out

  1. Silly Pat: Of course it’s good for everyone. 🙂

    Miss Positive: Well my knees at least. Old sporting injuries. Sure go ahead, I don’t mind. 🙂

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