Brain Food

How Are Your Brains Today?

“How are your brains today?”

“Mine are pretty bad, but I would think the ones on the menu are delicious.”

To be honest, it tastes like really soft chicken gizzards. Which means I’m going to see this on my plate a little more often. Talk about decadent food.

11 thoughts on “Brain Food

  1. Ummm…ok…
    I have to say it would not be something I would even go near but…alright I have to ask. What the hell are chicken gizzards?

  2. I have no idea what gizzards taste like but brains are right up there in my fave foods list. Mmmm….Lamb’s brains smothered in a buttery caper sauce at France Soir or macadamia encrusted ones at my favourite beachside restaurant. You’ve made me think that I’m due for a night out.

    And decadent is definitely the word for those creamy blissbombs.

  3. u know, i nvr really knew wat chicken gizzards were, they just looked too exotic to be tried and everytime i asked my parents wat they were, they gave me a very vague answer. definitely not something i would eat anytime soon 🙂 tho, good on u for trying it 😛

  4. ChickyBabe: It’s not so bad. Maybe it’s an acquired taste. 🙂

    Tracey: Just like noodles for breakfast. 🙂

    Cerebral Mum: I know what you mean and to be honest, I’ve got to try more of it in the future. 🙂

    Kris: Everyone should try once in their life. Life’s too short not to try every food imaginable. 🙂

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