Breaking The Blogging Hymen

You know what’s more interesting that reading what bloggers are saying today? Reading what bloggers have said when they first started blogging…especially if they are bloggers of a certain reputation. Remember when we all watched young Anakin in the Episode 1 (I know it sucked but bear with me)? I don’t know about you but I sat there in the cinema thinking, “He’s going to be the end of all things for the Jedi?”.

Ok so no blogger today actually has the repute of being the end of all things. But the concept still stands anyway. Reading a blogger’s first post and comparing it to what they have today, you could either go, “He/She hasn’t changed one bit!” or “I can’t believe he/she write like this now!” It’s amusing. It’s one of the few things that settle down the otherwise tense blogging atmosphere we have today. So I thought I’d toss in some of our favourite bloggers down the list and see where it goes.

Kenny Sia:

“Hello readers and welcome to My name is er… Kenny. In the coming days, I shall be exploring the inner workings of my mind, and begin the journey of re-discovering myself.”

Well Kenny…you certainly discovered a lot, that much I can tell.


“First posts should be pretty meaningful, right? OK, so I’ve dug out some old, old poetry and here they are. Don’t laugh.”

Of all the first posts, this has got to be my favourite. On Friday the 13th no less.


“Yes. I used mayonnaise as a hair mask and now they smell like puke. On the bright side, my hair is looking so sleek. I think I might do this more often.”

That’s certainly…appetizingly narcissistic.

Peter Tan:

“So, what is interesting about blogging? For one, once where we could bitch to a few friends over a cup of teh tarik about how bad our day was, now we can bitch to the whole world about it. Cool, isnΓ―ΒΏΒ½t it?”

If the past few days were a testament to foresight, I’d say you have it just about right.

The sad thing here is that there are some blogger’s that I would have love to read their first posts. Particularly, Suanie, Lainie, and (egads!!) MENJ. The thing is, I can’t really find them. So if they read this or if anyone knows where their first blog posts are located, toss the links over to me ok?

Aside from that, this could go on and on if I were to list down all the first posts of all the regular bloggers I (occassionally) read. But then that’s best left for you readers to go out there to your favourite blogs and read their first posts. It just helps you put a sense of “innocence” when it comes to blogging…the kind that we need in this day and age of blogging…the kind that can also still scream Anakin Skywalker. Of course…that might just be my imagination…or a premonition. Which it is? Forget I did.

9 thoughts on “Breaking The Blogging Hymen

  1. haha…i did that “read first posts” thing some time ago, and found it amusing that almost every first post was already addressing an audience. so much for the “my blog is my diary i do it for myself, blah blah”. =P

    anyway, despite changes in writing style, i find bloggers to be the most true to self people out there. no one really drastically changes. it’s great!

  2. My goodness, after reading this post I simply had to go back to my very first blog (that absolutely no one knows about) and read every single post. I was laughing my ass off, though I hate to admit but I was a hardcore noodle blogger and an extremely narcissistic one too.

    *ponders* It does bring back nice memories from my old blog.

  3. har har har….mine makes me wince. It was actually under friends-only though, before i said “suck it in bitches’ and made it public… my first ‘official’ post was the one that came after that.

  4. Lainie: I want to read your first post. Come on, if you’re why about it, you can mail it to me. I can promise you I’ll make it worth your while. πŸ™‚

  5. my first post… deleted centuries ago. i was in form 6, put down my dissatisfaction with a friend of my mom’s in writing, then outgrew it.

    back then my font was pink kaler πŸ˜€

  6. Hahah…Lainie, that’s what I’m talking about. Before it really became public. The one on your friends blog. That’s the motherload. πŸ™‚

    Suanie: Why laa did you have to delete it. It would have been really cool and really scary to see a pink colour first post. πŸ™‚

  7. I started blogging with MENJ’s Critical Thouhts and the now-defunct Pejuang Bangsa/Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban side-by-side. The first post that I made after my switch to domain (all my posts prior to that was on, which was on a different hosting service and was wiped out since I was too stupid to know how to back ’em up then) can be found here:

    Yes, it was posted after the March General Elections in 2004.

    – MENJ

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