Broken Records

Does it make you a bad person when you have moved on in life and as a result of that, you can no longer relate to the friends that have stayed behind? Does it make you a bad person when your life that you have now no longer allows you the luxury of patience you once had with the people who still rely on you to feel good about themselves? At this point, I don’t think it really matters anymore.

It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that there comes a time in everyone’s life where everything in the world makes sense to us. Call it growing up, call it moving on, call it dumping excess baggage. It’s just that there is this critical point where our lives aren’t bound together in some virtual high school yard. If you aren’t on the same path I’m walking on, then don’t expect me to keep on saying the same things over and over again because you know what? It’s not my job to lord over your life.

That goes for all of us too, we all find some ways of looking above and beyond where we once stood in the days when we believed differently. Some of us find God, some of us find a bigger purpose, some of us find someone else and some of us find ourselves. Whatever our reasons may be, we become something else other than what we are now and could you really blame us for trailing away from you because you choose to stay where you are?

It’s not just about accepting who you are anymore. The world is built on our ability to adapt to whatever the situation calls for. You can’t seriously expect people to change the way you want them, let alone stay the same at all. Just because you seem to care too much about who I am doesn’t mean I should care about who you are. Your life is your own and as much as I have said what I said, you’re left in charge of your own devices. Just because I don’t relate to your line or your life doesn’t mean I have an obligation to try to. I just don’t have the energy or time to do anything more than just listen and nod my head.

So let it be that way. I don’t care if you think of me as an ass. I don’t care if you have a different way of reacting to our friendship the way you do. I don’t care about all your temper tantrums and mellowdramatic fits. I just care that my day isn’t interrupted by your insecurity that I’m responsible for you not being able to feel happy.

At the end of it, you’re responsible for you. It’s time to stop relying on other people to carry your own emotional baggage because at the end of it, we’re all walking our own roads by ourselves. No one except for you will be there forever to pick up the pieces of your own life. That’s as true as it can get.

3 thoughts on “Broken Records

  1. Not knowing the circumstances, I’m reluctant to give advice or an opinion. However, if I were on the receiving side of this, I would want to fully understand the reasons behind it. If someone was my support for a while and they withdraw, I need to know the reasons.

    PS Haven’t been able to get into your blog again.

  2. Well, there is a difference in finding out what a person said and trying to understand why they said it. I’ve been saying for a long time, it’s just that the other party doesn’t seem to understand what happened because they still have their own belief that how they are is what is in life. Thing like this need time to understand as they grow. In time, who knows…they’ll get it. For now, we all have our reasons.

    I have no idea why my blog has been acting as such. I’ll look into it though, thanks.

  3. Everyone has their own reasons and justifications for everything they do. It’s human nature.

    And I learnt a lot of things from this post, btw.

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