Bucketload of Cash and Ego

Every once in a while you’re allowed to let yourself loose on your blog and nonchalantly express yourself in a manner without regard of action nor consequence. That time for me is now.

Haha!! I get paid crapload of money for 8 days of teaching. Does it make me feel important? You bet it does. Does it scare the living daylights out of me? You bet it does too. But it doesn’t matter, because for 30 bucks an hour telling people what to do and answering things they don’t know, doesn’t just appeal to my wallet, it appeals to my sense of self. It’s better than having people ask me for help without any sense of appreciation at all.

Betting that some of you wish you were in my position right now, it makes this deal a whole lot sweeter. Vindictiveness has always been a dish best served late.

9 thoughts on “Bucketload of Cash and Ego

  1. Yeah big man. lol

    I’m not jealous though.. not for something I can never do. Teach? No way. Now, how are you going to spend the money? Save?

  2. Helen: More like stand around and answer any questions people have and tell them whether they are doing things right. In the words of the lecturer, stand around and sit. 🙂 The money will be saved for something important. That of course, comes later.

    Daniel: You bet it is. 🙂

    Kristine: You’ve got plenty of opportunities for it. It’s all about putting other matters aside if you want to. 🙂

    Tine: Always room for more people given some advance knowledge of biotechnology. 🙂

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