Call Me Rubes

Li-Ern: You’re gloating now aren’t you?
Me: What makes you say that?
Li-Ern: It’s written all over your face.

Ok, maybe I was gloating. Then again, you can’t really help it when you’re just sitting there having people talk about what you’re doing in awe. From where I come from and what I have gone through all these years, it’s just one small notch in stroking that justified ego of mine.

Apparently the reputation of the Rubiks Cube and me has been more or less circulating around the campus for quite a while. A few days ago, I had someone go “Hey, you’re that guy with the cube thing!!”. It’s not to say that it’s a bad thing, but it is good to be known for something rather than just being a face in the crowd.

Everytime I fiddle around with the Rubiks Cube, there is that sense of power that I have especially when I know people are looking at me putting it back together again. Albert and I once agreed that the cube is nothing more than an attention seeking device and you got to admit, it is an attention seeking device.

It’s just that I never got as much attention out of it from Malaysian people as I have from people in other countries. Even back home as I stood there in the LRT going back and forth between places, the only people that it would attract would be tourists as they would ask me how long it took me to finish the round that they saw and later on talk about things like decent civillised people. I could never get that out from the Malaysian population, not in all the time I spend on the road with the cube.

You’d think that it’s just a fluke to have only tourists notice you, but that rule applies more so when I’m here in Australia. No where else that I’ve been so far could I have gotten that much attention from a small novelty than where I I am right now.

Albert said things like that has never happened to him before and he’s been more a nutter with cubes than I am. Then again, in the interest of being cool, you don’t bring around things that make you look like a complete nerd. Me, I’m proud of being a geek and if dragging along a Rubiks Cube lets people know me for my eccentricity, then I’m comfortable with that. I just play the social game a little differently that’s all.

Either way, I still got to be careful of how I play that game. The cube is my ace in the social hole and it does carry some stereotypes to it, some of which are bad. But where I am now, they don’t care about those sort of things. They just care about you ability to have a good time with people over alcohol. The cube just ups the conversational ante a bit and draws in the crowd. Can’t say that is a bad thing at all.

So yeah, I do gloat. I have a right to gloat because I can do something not many people can do. I boldly do something not many people are willing to openly do in public for fear of not looking cool…and it pays off.

The only catch is that I just got to remind myself of one thing. Ego is a dangerous thing for anyone. It makes us who we are, for better but often for worse. It drives us to the things that we thought not possible and it often destroys what we already have in hand. Call it pride. Call it arrogance. Call it whatever you want. Just call me Rubes. That’s what people seem to call me now anyway.

3 thoughts on “Call Me Rubes

  1. For a hillbilly? Yeah. But then, they don’t know that. They just think of it as its short for the cube. Then again…it’s fun putting on that southern accent and making people laugh.

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