Can We Talk About…Sex?

Well…considering I’m all the way out here down south, I don’t usually keep track of the news that goes on back home. Then again…that’s why I read blogs to begin with. Thanks to here, here, here and here regarding this. I can finally confirm the sheer catatonic stupidity of the people steering the country.

That and of course I have something to write about.

First thing first, there is something I like to put down in regards to this matter.

How the hell does an information blackout make people smarter?!

I mean considering that it’s not like the majority of the people know what it is all about to begin with. I still talk to 20-21 year olds that get extremely squeemish about even the basics of sex. Taking that into consideration, you can basically imagine the kind of mistakes people like that would be making in the future when it comes to sex.

Mistakes that can cost people their lives and their futures.

Look…for the umpteenth time…sex Q&A printed on magazines isn’t just about how to pleasure your partner more. It isn’t just about how to achieve multiple male orgasms. It isn’t just about how to find a woman’s G-Spot.

It’s also about how do you practice safe sex other than just the condom you put on a guy. It’s also about how to be sure you should commit to sex with your partner knowing he or she has had multiple partners in the past. It’s also about arming yourself with the knowledge to protect against the more serious and dangerous concequences of sex.

Isn’t that worth the knowledge printed?

Unless of course there is some grand plan in the government to have a population boom in Malaysia along with a steady rise of sexually transmitted disease cases which they secretly have a cure for. Then yes…I might agree to this insane act. But having seen sexually transmitted diseases before and what it can do…

No…I don’t think I would ever agree to such a grand plan.

These Sex articles and Q&A are the last official form of sex education Malaysians have left. I highly doubt that the government would like to push people to the more unofficial forms of sex education (streetside VCD vendors and Internet Porn Sites), because no matter how much you people higher up try…you can never cut people off from that source of sex. I also highly doubt how sex education in Form 3 science can actually educate us regarding what sex is all about besides the sperm digging into the egg.

Hell…by that time I knew way more about sex than that topic taught me.

It’s time the higher ups start understanding that closing your eyes and ears isn’t going to make problems go away. The only way you can face any problem is for the people to start knowing what is it that’s out there.

After all…knowledge is power.

The power to protect yourself and the people around you.

Don’t take away the knowledge.

Not for the sake of your morals.

16 thoughts on “Can We Talk About…Sex?

  1. Arming people with knowledge. I guess that’s what the higher ups are afraid. If people can think and decide for themselves, you don’t need higer ups anymore right.

  2. Maybe so Bawang…then again…think about it. I don’t think we need higher ups right now to be in the room with us guiding us to have sex. That would be a most disturbing image.

    Unless that IS their grand plan.


  3. afraid that we malaysians are too knowledgeable?

    gotta be kiddin me.

    it’s ridiculous. time and again funny, infamous suggestions come from some politician end up being laughed at.

    but that’s so typical of malaysia.

  4. almost everything i learnt about sex came from those q&a columns and sex articles. fine, i agree that there are tonnes of articles that are just trashy and do nothing more but put ideas into ppl’s heads, but there’s still alot of useful stuff.

    i’ll always remember that column in galaxie a long time ago by the late kenny (is that his name?). he answered all the teens’ questions very honestly and i think the readers really benefitted from his frankness. and ok, sometimes it’s the trashy articles that help the reader get over the initial embarrassment of learning about sex.

    yeah, i learnt nothing from form 3 either. it was a rush of giggles and blushes and skirting the real issues more than anything else. thank goodness there’s a new sex ed curriculum. was at the forum and think it’s pretty good…for malaysian standards, that is. now it’s all up to the implementation.

    anyway, what i really wanna say is that i agree with hidayat more than any of the other bloggers. the pm’s probably not thinking of censoring even the helpful q&a columns and sex articles. i seriously do not think the “higher-ups” are as dumb as we always think they are.

  5. everyone should just write their letters to main newspapers. Let the gov know we are AWARE of this hoo-haa crap

  6. Narrowband: Can’t help it. I mean…when people tend to be blind to a lot of things. It’s hard to actually hit the bulls eye of the problem head on. Thing is…WHY did such a law come out in the first place? It’s baffling.

    Jax: Then what does the law actually state? I mean those Q&A sections are asked by the public. How do you determine what goes too far or not? Would the government actually go through ALL the trouble to go through all the letters sent to these magazines to determine what can be answered and printed or not? There can’t possibly be a double standard in the law here. Unless there is a loophole we don’t know.

    Reta: Even if the higher ups know we know. It’ll take some pretty powerful lobbyist to actually get them to do something about it. Then again…publicity helps. When people like us bring it out. Other people who don’t know would start to question the validity and effect of such a thing.

  7. Ignorance is thw worst thing you can equipt anyone with and send them into the world. I wonder where all those people turning to advise from magazines and newspapers (goodbye big bro we’ll miss you sob) will ask for now. Maybe they’ll end up with more disinformation and screw up even more than they would of legitimate and helpful advise was available.

  8. Aiyah I thought our beloved country is moving forward to be a developed nation soon. The question-and-answer columns and advertisements focusing on sex which will not be allow; looks like we are reversing.(not so healthy for our youth/teenagers) they wil have to turn to other sources for info. eg.VCD
    I don’t understand these politicains what kind of theory they have to back them up on such issue.

  9. Kervin: That’s what is worrying. There needs to at be something there to guide people to the right idea instead of abstinating from the problem at hand. I think I’ll blog about the solution tomorrow.

    Thquah: Although I tend to be more lenient against porn. You’re right about the fact the possibility that things seem to be going backwards. It’s hard to put a face on things when it would seem that the higher ups aren’t really part of the society themselves.

  10. I call it a blanket decision. They can’t think of a really good system to handle this matter. They can’t get brains matured enough to educate youths. They themselves are bad role models, I mean the majority of them, save for a really few good guys at the top. so, the only answer they get is to shut everything off. Which they can’t. So they shut their ears and eyes and hope it will just go away….
    bah… we’re really lost, aint we?

  11. LC_Teh: As long as there are some of us who still knowwhich direction we should be heading then we’re not really lost. It just becomes our responsibility to make sure other people don’t wind up in the wrong direction. Someone has to do something…we can’t all be lazy.

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