Checklist Of Things To Come

It’s been two days since I got back and I’m still trying to settle into the life that I left behind 3 months back. Not to say that I’m not easily adaptable to a new environment, it’s just that the way things are going…it’s easy to forget that come tomorrow, I’m actually in a war that determines the very outcome of my future.

Yessss…how melodramatic of me. Of course, that is the sort of thing that you would expect from me so far. Though in a sense it is true. Seeing how busy I will be, Mel’s been asking me to list down all the things I need to do during the week.

Mel: Why don’t you write down the list of what you have to do this week?
Me: Cause everything is in my head.
Mel: You might forget them.
Me: I don’t usually forget needful things remember? Besides I’ve got you to remind me.
Mel: Yeah, but you should get yourself more organized.
Me: (Looking at the sorry state of her room) As opposed to…?
Mel: Well…urm…you’re supposed to be more organized than me!!
Me: Who said I still am not?

Ok fine. I’ll humour her anyway and write everything I need to do within the week.

Edrei’s Checklist Of Things To Do (Febuary 20th – Febuary 26th):

  1. Deposit cheque in bank.
  2. Complete visa extension.
  3. Gene Technology Workshop – 21st and 22nd
  4. Go for medical checkup
  5. Ask about that job at that place I always eat
  6. Machine gun lecturers with emails regarding any lab work I can volunteer without pay for the semester.
  7. Find a more permanent place to stay

I think I left nothing out. It turns out my week is pretty packed by itself especially since the gene workshop takes up like 2 full days and I can’t really do anything else on those days. I think that would explain why I have been getting really restful nights ever since I got here. I mean…8-9 hours of sleep?

There has got to be a reason why I’m sleeping that well. Oh wait…I know why I’m sleeping that well. It’s because…uh…come this week, I have to do a lot of things to do and this is the calm before the storm. Yes…that’s right. No other reason than that. Right? Yes. That should be it.

Oh well…I’m sure I’ve got to do something around here. Like reading or cleaning up this sorry state for a room or cooking something edible or something. Either way…let’s enjoy this, the last day of the summer holidays the best I can…before I get out to that 35 degree heat and head over to class. Oh boy…I reaaaally can’t wait for the fun to begin.

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