Chinese New Year Live

Or maybe it’s a delayed telecast, but I’ll make this quick because I’m supposed to get back there.

We're Hungry
All the food…but where are the people?

Pot Luck
It ain’t the classic steamboat pot, but in the pinch, this will do.

Dig in
Hey, we’re all here…luckily Mel took my portion with her or I won’t have anything to eat that round.

Casino Royale
It ain’t the Monte Carlo Casino, but this is Chinese New Year, you can’t possibly pass the night without passing the cards and money.

Now I’ve got to get back there. I don’t gamble much because I have a tendency be persistent no matter what the cost but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun anyway. The rest of you enjoy the rest of your Chinese New Year and remember. Moderation is the key because by default, booze, cards and money don’t really mix. Not by a long shot anyway.

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