Countdown To Blogathon

With less than a month until blogathon. Spreading the word has been more or less the most hectic and basic chore to begin with. Before that, I’d like to thank Devyne, Mack, Liew, Irene, Rajan and John for mentioning me in their blogs and helping to spread the word around. As I said before, any help is worth it especially in a cause like this. It may not be world poverty…but it’s still something that affects every one of us.

Still, I can’t really end there can I?

That’s why I’ve got this.

Edrei’s List Of Things To Do Before Blogathon:

  1. Use cancer and viral like techniques to further spread the word of Blogathon and my cause.
  2. Tweak blog and make sure everything is working in all browsers especially Internet Explorer before August 6th.
  3. Get National Cancer Society of Malaysia to respond email.
  4. Think of something to write for the 24 hours I will be blogging.
  5. Stock up on snack food and legally addictive stimulants.
  6. Borrow someone else’s digital camera for August 6th.
  7. Make Bat costume.

There is still so many things to do…or very few tedious things to do. I think it’s the latter. As far as I know, my blog isn’t up to standard yet. I know I know. Stop picking on it, other people don’t pick on their blogs this much. But what can I say? I’m a geek. I’d be damned if I don’t try make something on 4 wheels fly off a cliff (note to self: Build something with 4 wheels and make it fly off a cliff.).

Of course…I’ve still got to think of something I can blog about for those tough 24 hours. I’ve written 1 an hour before on my previous blogathons but never every half an hour so I got to at least have some kind of flow going when I put everything down. That is where I think I’m going to be stuck at…or not…I’m not really sure. Knowing what I’ve done before, I think I can pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat for this one.

Or a dirty boot…I don’t know.

Whatever it is, the clock’s basically ticking and if everything goes according to plan so will the Blogathon go smoothly without a hitch.

So if anyone wants to help out by spreading the word on their blog. Please feel free to E-mail me or use my contact form. I have some nifty custom made banners and buttons you can use to pass the news around.

Remember…spread the word…not the cancer.

Help us stay up late and make a difference.

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