Dancing With Our Words

The thing with having so much to do is that there is very little time to spend to yourself. As much as you know your own advice of taking time off, sometimes we just don’t have that chance. It’s part of being a responsible adult. It’s unavoidable.

Yet, the other thing that bothers me is the fact words are harder to come by in my head. I can only surmise that my constant writers block is caused not by my lack of time to do the things I want, but the closed part of my heart to protect me from my own sake. Even if I have a thesaurus of vocabulary to play around with in my head, there is little I can play with if there is no heart behind the words.

Maybe what worries me is not the lack emotional carthesis behind my words right now. It’s whether I can regain those lost words ever again. The thing about passion is that it depends on the way you would live your life, whether you would build walls around yourself or dance in the eyes of the public. Given the role I have to play to keep going, I wonder if I’m ever going to dance again.

Even if for a little while.

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