Dilbert And The Malaysian Blogosphere

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Somehow this is one of the reasons why I love Dilbert so much. Doesn’t that strip strike you as familar somehow? You know…like CNN. Or maybe something closer to home…like…some parts of our OWN blogosphere? Ok we’re all not that bad, but really…during the time when a lot of people were just doing copy and paste posts or posts that…oh you just put two and two together on that one. Oh this strip would have been so perfect for that time.

Maybe it still is.

Seriously, the only way you can find it funny is because you know its true.

So admit!!


You know its true!!

(Thanks to Minishorts for the hot tip on that strip)

2 thoughts on “Dilbert And The Malaysian Blogosphere

  1. Hehe…I think that’s the whole point of Dilbert. We all need to get through our dreary days. 🙂

    And you find it funny too. 🙂

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