Disappointing Déjà Vu

No matter how many failures and disappointments you oversee throughout the years, some waters need to be tested every now and again. The only question is, how can your own emotional state handle the repeated letdowns? That is a question I’ve yet to answer.

Nevertheless, regardless of what you feel and what you do, some times it only matters that you want to see the end to your failures, even for a moment, despite the fact they are fleeting wishes. Perhaps the conditions weren’t right, perhaps you didn’t have everything you needed to see your desire through, perhaps it was just the wrong time to commit to it. Whatever the reasons were that they did not succeed, none of them should be reason enough for you to stop.

Maybe that is the hallmark of who I am, someone who doesn’t stop at anything, if only to see the things I want through. A long time ago, the constant disappointments would have left me in a rut for days, wondering why I keep doing them. These days, they are only treated with a sigh and an inward sulk, not the things that would affect my life, but the feelings that will keep driving me to see them completed.

It may very well be that I will see to these failures until the end of days, but at least I can say I never stopped trying, even in darkness, to find a little place in a world, where I can smile at the things I accomplished with my own hands. I wonder how many people in the world can truly say the same thing?

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