Disliked Changes

The past week has been fraught with a lot of changes both to online and in real life, both affecting the places I stay and the places I go to hang out, both changes which I don’t welcome at all. But I suppose if I think about it hard enough, these changes were bound to happen one way or another. While I was prepared for one change, I didn’t expect the other to be such of a shock, at least not so big and not so fast.

Yet there we have it, living proof that the only thing that remains the same are the constant changes in our lives. The only thing we can do is make the best of it and take matters in our own hands rather than sitting through it pretending it either doesn’t exist and letting it bite us in the ass when we let it run its course. I’m not going to like the hard work involved in building something new again, especially not after all the hard work put into the past, then again let it not be said that I don’t enjoy goofing off more than I do work. I just don’t want to have to deal with things like this, cutting into my free time, when there are also more important things to work on that’s all. Can’t a person deserve a break?

No wait, I already had that at the end of last year.

In any case, there is nothing I can do with seeing my favourite local blog aggregator being turned into a commercialised fail-joke of itself by its new owner whose right wing principles have offended myself and countless others on too many an occasion. If I could, I’d know how to make things better and fix what need be fixing, but I can’t so I won’t bother about it until I get the chance to.

What I can do (and should be doing) for now is start finding a new place to stay seeing that I will, very soon, have to move out from this house I currently live in. After a year of tenancy, an expired contract and a new landlord has forced us to start looking for a new place to settle down. It could not have come at a worse time considering the current financial state I’m in, but it’s still something I have to deal with, putting off everything else until this is settled.

Even with a solid plan in my head, this is one of those few moments where I don’t know if I can pull off the miracle that I want to, but while stranger things have happened, it’s always best to rely on your own kick-ass ingenuity and resourcefulness rather than your unpredictable source of luck. I don’t know if I can, but I know all I can do is to see it through one day at a time. I mean how else could you see it through but one day at a time anyway?


19 thoughts on “Disliked Changes

  1. I should probably ban you from PPS, the same way I did to “ShadowFox”, for calling me a “right-wing nutjob” but I am going to that insult slide by me. I do not need to stoop to your level. PPS already belongs to me, nothing that you say is going to change that fact.

    – MENJ

  2. I called you a right-winger because I have every right to given amount of things you have written in the past, but I did not call you a nutjob in this post and that came out of your own mouth. If you’re going to act like a child on it, that’s fine by me but if that means turning a site a lot of Malaysian bloggers grew up on into an epic fail, then someone has to say something whether you like it or not.

  3. Oh ban is an understatement. Political persecution and police report is coming soon against bloggers he doesn’t like.

  4. Selectively banning people for personal reasons is a great way to start his new ownership… not. And yes, the ad explosion is garish, to say the least. It would be sad if PPS fails miserably, like you said, for bloggers who grew up on it, but with the wide proliferation of RSS, it’s probably a matter of time. As it is, I’ve noticed that traffic originating from PPS has progressively dwindled over the last year.

    In the meantime, I’ll continue pinging PPS as I always have been. For now, anyway.

  5. Rice Blogger: Too late for that isn’t it?

    Bt: Some people can get very touchy on the subject. Not a smart move considering. Although for the most part, a lot of people won’t care about it, which is the sad thing.

    Walski69: The thing is, RSS feeds only really work for people who either know how to use them or know which blogs to subscribe to. A lot of people in Malaysia don’t use feeds in the first place and there is no efficient aggregation of local blogs that we can use to discover new blogs in Malaysia out there which is what I’ve always used PPS for. That’s why it should always be kept free, regardless.

  6. What’s stopping anyone from just making a new one? Besides, ping aggregators are old news now.

  7. Can we come up with a new blog aggregator? At the beginning we got PPS, and it had changed. So we can always come out with a reformed PPS right?

  8. Littlepolaris: As I have mentioned in the next post, there have been others, but the reasons they didn’t work is because by default PPS came first and they were trying to be the Plurk and Pownce to PPS’s Twitter. It was bound to not work out on grounds of popularity.

  9. lets start one ourselves…and publicise it together….(hehe..just thinking out loud)

    or come out with a advertisement removal link…so he can’t earn anything.

  10. As I’ve replied in previous comments, all those alternatives have already been written in the post after this one. You might want to check it out.

  11. what’s up with his tyranny in PPS ? disliking someone for spitting the truth results in a ban, freedom of speech anyone ?? How is Malaysia ever gonna prosper with these backward thinking individuals 🙁

  12. Wait, MENJ owns PPS now? How the hell…

    Well, this explains why none of my pings have been getting through lately.

  13. Who needs PPS anyway? there is so many other aggregators in cyberspace.

    Just stop pinging and stop visiting that site. That is how we can hurt this Nutjob

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