Dull and Boring But Definitely Interesting

Damn you…you had to start it again didn’t you? Don’t you have anything better to do? Then again…the shorts wearing elf and I were both reminded of the time when we came across the very blog that started it all so naturally…she had to do it again.

Click here for the dullest blog that started it all.

Incidentally while searching for a that blog. I happen to come across something very very interesting.

Xiaxue at her best

Of course to make sure I remain on a neutral point whenever it comes to an obviously well known bloggers like Xiaxue (and to avoid anymore unnecessary weirdness south of the straits or anywhere else really), I took the liberty of checking Google out one last time and sure enough…she balances out

Xiaxue at her worst

Well I laughed. She laughed. We kept blogging just like any other day.

5 thoughts on “Dull and Boring But Definitely Interesting

  1. I clicked on the weblog Edrei provided. I read through the blog. I thought it was most interesting. I clicked ‘back’ and commented as such.

  2. *lishun falls off chair*
    i just totally died after reading the dullest blog in the world. don’t think i can do the same. but have to say minishorts did a pretty good job at it. think more of my brain cells just choked to death.

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