Embracing The Truth…

Behold the strengths which I contain within.
The apparent harbinger of forthcoming sin.
My right to preserve, a visage to behold.
The powers acquired so deep, that I fight to control.

I am Greed, the worthiest of sin.
To stop at nothing and fight to win.
No limits can hold me, no sky too high.
Everything is obtainable, anything else is a lie.

I am Gluttony, the companion of Greed.
The indulgence of taste, the craving of need.
To wallow in the senses or just the desire of flavour.
Life is already too short, so I set forth to savour.

I am Wrath, the oldest of my brothers.
I burn into your soul, I blind you to others.
I give you strength when you are at your most weak.
But take heed, for bloodlust will all be what you will seek.

I am Envy, the hub of my siblings.
I give power to my kind, I amplify the feelings.
To have what others possess, whether qualities or goods.
Never stand people better than me, I deserve it rather than you should.

I am Sloth, no other has more apathy.
To lie back and relax, to be very much carefree.
Some may complain and say I get no work done.
But they always get a heart attack because they are no fun.

I am Lust, the sexiest of desire.
The primal need that sets your loins on fire.
I give great pleasure to those that worship me.
But none can run away for I am rooted deep within thee.

I am Pride, the last, the hardest of my kind.
I am the will, the courage and the confidance of mind.
So shall render you immune to abuse and all mental attack.
The price to pay is that selflessness and altruism is what you lack.

I am Humanity, the bearer of this curse and gift.
They are part of me, I cannot deny, for such will tear in me a rift.
So I seek to make use and master that which I have burning within.
Or I shall fall behind in suffering, an empty shell of what I coud have been.

That one was written in a spur of a moment, inspired by another guy’s poem about the Seven Deadly sins. Always wondered how dark I can be. How corrupted I already am because I choose to wield these powers. Am I damned? Maybe. But at least say not that I understand no evil. Una Salus Victus. If I’m already doomed, then I might as well go with all I’ve got. Well…that’s enough blabbering for now. I’ve got an Orientation to manage tomorrow. New students fresh blood. Got to be refreshed for tomorrow’s little show. Got to start moving some pawns inmy favour. Or as they say…never be without a plan. Never die if you never can.

One thought on “Embracing The Truth…

  1. I was doing a picture of the character Greed, from Full Metal Alchemist, and wanted to write something on the corner of the picture, so I ran a google search and came across your poem. I was wondering if I might be able to use the stanza about greed in my picture. If you could let me know, my e-mail is shimegami_no_kazw@yahoo.com. Thank you!


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