Fighting The Creationism Baloney

What did I do indeed?

Just when I thought this problem was beginning to be licked, I remembered that Christians aren’t the only ones that believe in “Intelligent Design” and creationism. The war on evolution is in fact one of global significance and a war against ignorance and poor grasp of basic scientific concepts. Given the state in which religious fundamentalism takes precedence in the world, it’s not surprising to think that sometimes it’s a loosing battle. You can’t fight stupidity on such a wide level.

Then again, I can’t but try. We all have a responsibility to adhere to and if my part is to help people understand that evolution isn’t a concept that atheists only believe but a universal one all of us should understand, then I will do my best to answer whatever questions or arguments that creationists often pose time and time again.

The only real saddening thing is that for the most part, people don’t care. Their concepts and principles of the world have already been hardened in the stone cold fear that such scientific notions are acts against the Gods they believe in. The only people that would willingly argue are those that set out to try and prove that creationism is the not just the right way but the only way. And these are the same sort of people that would never admit to being wrong despite hard facts that point them in the face.

Then again, maybe the war on evolution isn’t about winning an argument and I don’t think it will ever be about who’s right. The war on evolution is about giving people a chance to make up their own minds with whatever facts are presented on both sides, facts that are not misconstrued or fabricated in any way possible, even if they are facts presented by the scientific community.

I know where I stand in this war and someday, perhaps in a not too far distant future, I can say that all I did what exactly what I needed to do. What’s left of the world, unfortunately is up to the rest of the people to make up their own damn minds. I do hope she forgives me for doing just that.

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