Fingers Crossed

There are days when accomplishing things should mean you’re relieved that they are finished. Even if they are the first step onto something much larger, it’s always starting that first step that should give a vote of assurance to the possible future.

But what happens when you don’t feel as if you did anything? Is it just the because you didn’t do anything or is it because there is something fundamentally broken inside? I don’t know.

All I know is, it’s been sent in and they are taking a look at it. Fingers crossed on this one. What I do next literally depends on this.

2 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed

  1. I often feel the same and I’d soon know the matter at hand is not worth making into a priority, or that it is not my calling.

  2. Unfortunately, everything in this case is a priority and part of the big picture that needs to be done. In any case, it will still set what I should do, whether I am taking the long path or continue where I’m facing now.

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