Flowers Really Are The End

Why do people like to buy lots and lots of flowers on Valentines day? Why? I mean, they say that red is the colour of love. When you come to think of it, I think red is also the colour of being very pissed off. Does getting a rose also mean that?

They have been giving out free red roses in Midvalley Megamall over the past few days and that got me thinking. Those are real fresh red roses. The conversation with my friend followed:

Me: Are those are real red roses.
Mitze: Yeah they are.
Me: They might as well tell the person they are giving that they are breaking up with them.
Mitze: Why?
Me: Well…it’s like sending them a message. “My love to you is like this red rose. It’ll wither away in just a few days”

So the conclusion is simple. Flowers aren’t the best thing to give to anyone as a testiment to love unless they are plastic, origami or at least irradiated enough that it comes with an infertility disclaimer and a free geiger counter.

Sometimes you got to realize, it isn’t about the day that matters and it shouldn’t be an excuse to do something special for the person you care for. Sometimes the best things in life are the ones that are most simple and the ones that happen everyday.

Enough of this wilting flowers bit. Enough of the “I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow” bit. Enough of this “I am single and no one loves me” bit. Tomorrow should be a day like any other day, just that some people will be spending the day with someone the love. The rest of us…well…we’ll find something to amuse oursevles in the mean time.

Me? I’ve got a reputation to keep. I’ve just one question though. Is it ethical to date a friends girlfriend on Valentines Day when he can’t go out with her himself? For the love of me, I completely disregarded ethical standards years ago.

8 thoughts on “Flowers Really Are The End

  1. And that is why I don’t really like flowers on VDay. If my friends/lover gave me anything else, it would be another matter, but flowers are only pretty. ^_^

  2. Devilwithattitude: I don’t think so. He knows me well.

    Vendetta: Haha…if his girlfriend wants to tell. It’s not my secret.

    Pat: Awww…does this mean I can’t get you any roses tomorrow when we go out?

  3. Ooh…tough question. You said “date” which implies it’s not an innocent let’s go out somewhere and hang out. It depends…Is he a good friend, how much do you like his girl, are you willing to lose both if things don;t work out…

  4. yeah i too don’t like flowers as a gift. it look pretty at that moment but it withered away, then nothing. give me something more practical! (like costume jewellery, high tech toys).

  5. My love to you is like this red rose. It’ll wither away in just a few days.



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