Flu Away…

I’ll keep this really short.

I think I’m coming down with the flu.

I hate coming down with the flu.

I hate fighting more sides than I’m supposed to be fighting.

I wish someone can be there to hold me up just enough for me to get through this flu without sacrificing anything else. But I don’t. Just chalked up one more score for being home alone and unable to do anything but endure this really sickening feel.

So bully for me.

If there are days when I’m justified to feel bad because I’m sick, this is one of them. It’s not the backache that bothers me or the headache or now creeping joint pain. It’s not all that.

It’s just the fact that I have to keep forcing myself to do things rather than just going with the flow and it’s not as if I have much of a choice anyway. If I do go out…rest assured, the next place I’ll be headed to is the hospital because I can’t even get out of bed right now without feeling dizzy. So what else can I do but take care of myself the best I can?

I may be crazy but I’m certainly not stupid.

Damn, I hate coming down with flu.

Did I mention that before?

3 thoughts on “Flu Away…

  1. hope you’re feeling much better sweets. wish I could make it go away.

    I enjoyed myself last night. Miss you already. 😉


  2. i had the flu the other week.it is always bad when you feel bad. it helps you when you feel good though. we do not know how good we feel until we feel bad.

  3. Well, coming down with flu is normal…autumn or winter virus is going on…don’t need flu shorts too coz you are developing immune system to flu soon…so, stay with it…no harm!!!

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