Foot In Mouth Disease

“What’s amazing about you is that you come from a country town and you could probably fit in the city.”

“I what?!”

“I…umm…I mean. I didn’t mean it that way!”

“So this country gal just climbed out from the woodwork and could PROBABLY fit in the city?!”

“I’m not going to live this down am I?”

“Honey…not even if I’m being generous.”

Some days no matter how much of a charmer you are, the foot in mouth disease will always strike the best of us especially when we’re not watching. When that happens and you don’t have any graceful way to climb out of it. There is only one solution to the mistake. Apologize and hope to whatever Gods you pray out there that the squirming you do along the way is enough to amuse the wrath that’s left in your wake.

Rest assured, that’s the last time I make a comment about country people by the way.

3 thoughts on “Foot In Mouth Disease

  1. Daniel: Well take it from her perspective. Would you like to compared to coming from a country hick town, no matter how smart you are? Some things I don’t think we should ever touch.

    Pat: Oh she was as well. Especially watching me flutter my guilty puppy dog eyes and looking oh so small.

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