Friends For Better and For Worse

Sometimes before you know it, friends are made that can cheer you up without you realizing that you’re down. Other times after you know it, you realize friends are giving you the cold shoulder for no reason that you can phantom. The reality is that the people you live with in your life are as much a part of you as you are to yourself. They help shape the person that you are in response to the actions that they create.

While I might not know why she barely even looks at me much less respond to my answers. I do know that there is someone from across the seas willing to send me a copy of her latest book because she is as kind as she is helpful to others. For that, my reactions are clear and so is my conscience.

What I can do is receive the gift in the nature it was given and hopefully one day repay the kindness in return. What I do is find out why I’m suddenly the enemy before some things are too late in a house where everyone lives together.

Our actions towards one person or another reflect who we are and with it the people we build ourselves up to be. To me at least, my actions are what defines me for who I am. Whether I feel bad for being unable to repay in kind or because I’m snubbed at by my best friend. They are and always will be reflected by the friends in my life. For better or for worse, they are part of who I am. Someday, I hope that the feeling will be mutual as well.

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