It’s the end of the week, and I’m going home with a bagful of tired frustrated leftovers, and obviously, the prospect of being unable to rest well isn’t exactly inviting. I’m frustrated, yes, so very much that that I’ll keep saying it again. Frustrated, frustrated, frustrated (I can go on forever, but there’s so much more to be let out).

The thing is, you’re trained up for the job for a reason. You’re employed for a reason. You’re given a salary for a reason. You’re given the responsibilities, you’ve got those difficult, risks-loaded decisions to make, for a reason. And you’re there with the skillsets your employers desired and you were taken in for a reason. Me, I was brought in for my ability to think. To strategize. To help your fill in the grey areas in case you miss them. For the occasional moments that you might slip up, or miss out, I’m there to help you do your job.

But for some reason, they always do it. They spend hours mulling over documents of employment, drafting out clauses in your contract to ensure that you pay attention to your job and you carry out your duties by fully utilizing your talents. They spend thousands sending you on training courses to sharpen your skillsets, your ability to critically analyze issues and then your capacity to produce strategic and timely deliverables. They did all of that, and yet it was all  in theory only.

So when you ask a professional to take on orders as-is, without considering the fact that he was employed to give provide professional and strategic advice to aid you in doing a better job, you’re wasting everybody’s time. I wasn’t brought in to be your slaveboy. I’m here now, wanting to do my job, but if all you want of me is to do whatever you ask me to, then get someone else to perform the job.

Or at least, understand that not any employee would be willing to take a risk and tell you in your face that you are making a very grave mistake. I DID precisely that, and if you think, that by doing that, I disrespect you, then let me do you a greater disrespect.

I resign.

3 thoughts on “Frustrations

  1. Sigh, working is tough ey? I am graduating soon but did exposed a lil to working world while doing my intern. I din like working life at all.. i love being a student…

  2. That sounds so utterly familiar. I remembered clenching my fists in frustration, willing myself patience in order to not slap the person across the face.

  3. Bravo! That’s the way it should be. A lot of people are working as a slaveboy for the sake of the money to pay all the bills…which is sad…

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