God Knows This Is Good

There are a few reasons why I would start sharing songs with you.

  1. I like it.
  2. It’s good.
  3. I’m addicted to it enough that I haven’t stop playing it on my playlist since 24 hours ago.

Of course mind you that where as song tips like this easily appeal to anyone that can put two words together in English, what I’m about to show you on the other hand may not really appeal to you unless you either:

  1. Appreciate Japanese anime.
  2. Are able to string more than just two words together in Japanese.
  3. Are open to all forms of music no matter what the language.
  4. Like scantly dressed high school girls in a bunny suit playing the guitar and sing lead vocals in a rock song.

So without further ado and without minding the grammatical and spelling mistakes in the translation or the fact that it’s a scene taken straight out from a Japanese anime I was recently watching, watch this clip and listen to the song. It certainly made my weekend better towards the end. Hopefully some of you would appreciate it on the same level I did when I first saw it. If not. At least keep an open mind alright?

5 thoughts on “God Knows This Is Good

  1. IMHO, this song is one of the best Japanese pop rock song ever made and Aya Hirano are so bloody talented. Her vocals can fit almost everything! 😮

  2. Chapree: You got me there and it only took me a year to find her out. 🙂

    Pat: I have found the AMV before, but being a little of a purist, I like the direct clip from the show itself. Given than this is pretty cleaned up with translations. It’s worth watching for me.

    Cerebralmum: Glad you love it. 🙂

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