God’s Gift To Women?

Stay Safe

“Since it’s all free, could I have the whole bowl?”

“Umm…no. I mean, would you use that much? What are you? Some kind of stud?”

“We’ll never know now would we?”

“Maybe you can toss me your number and I’ll take your word for it.”

Maybe when ChickyBabe classified me as a footballer in a geek body, she knew more about me than she was letting on. More than even I know about myself. But heartbreaker of women I am not, or at least I would never find out. Not when you’re this honest about yourself.

Even if everything sits right with a girl who doesn’t mind it one bit.

6 thoughts on “God’s Gift To Women?

  1. Boinq: I can’t. I didn’t take the bowlful of them. 🙂

    Ajla: Who said that what’s in the picture is supposed to be the gift in the first place?

    Helen: Awww, does this mean you won’t give what I say a think over?

    Ting: Again…I didn’t get the bowlful of them. 🙂

    ChickyBabe: As much as there were, there was more important thing to attend to…like work. 🙂

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