We watched him board the train with her by his side. His dog straining on the leash as he bent down and said his goodbyes to his best friend. Beside me, Miyoko was already in tears, overwhelmed by the emotions and the realization that in a couple of days she would be saying the same farewell to us too.

We all stood there as the train slowly pulled out from the platform, the boys already shuffling out loudly as if nothing had happened. Mel and I walked beside the girls, our arms around them as a gesture of comfort. I wondered then as I always did, how much of an emotional baggage Mel could carry before she breaks, yet despite her sombre eyes, she held fast strong, dropping of the girls at their homes and wishing them good night.

“I always hated saying goodbyes” Mel’s words punctuated by the misty breath in wee hours of the morning.

“I guess I’m used to it. It’s just another part of life for me.”

Her tear stained eyes greeted me as she looked up. I didn’t have to ask who were they for. I held her tight in my arms as she began to sob in the cold dark. Sometimes, when there is nothing that can be said and done, maybe that’s the only thing a lover and a friend really can do.

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  1. Isn’t that farewell or was it “”till we meet again”? Can’t really tell. Anyway, it’s been a pretty emotional handling weekend for me. How is it one person leaving can affect everyone else indirectly? I’m always amazed by that.

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