Happy Birthday Melissa

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything like this.
So bear with me if everything amiss.
My heart, beats with it the right pace.
Though where I stand is entirely different, no less a far away place.

So what can I tell the world what I haven’t told before?
About your smile so bright and your heart so pure.
Or maybe of your devious ways, ever cunning, ever so right.
Lest no man can really say, they won’t cower back in fright.

There aren’t that many words to scream and shout,
What I see in you, what I love within and without.
All I can say is what comes to mind.
To tell the world that only I am for you and you are mine.

Such moments we can never forget.
Entwining the two ends, never before set.
How far can heaven ever reach?
How many miles can we walk our perfect endless beach?

Matters not how our faith holds true.
Measured in the end only by how much I love you.
Happy birthday my lovely Snugglepot.
May every second mean the world to you with joy worth the lot.

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