Happy Darwin Day

Today marks the 200th anniversary of a man who, in his search of knowledge, discovered what we many of us today understand as truth. His works on natural selection and evolution has become perhaps the greatest crucible in the way we see ourselves in the face of the world. Today marks the the day a man, who would forever change the face of science, was born. Today marks the bicentennial anniversary of a man named Charles Darwin.

I guess it goes without saying that if wasn’t for Darwin’s discovery, the field of science I now pursue would probably have existed under a different light. The way we understand the natural world for what it is. The research and understanding of how they were, why they are now and what could they be in the future, can be traced back to his work on natural selection. There is no greater truth in life that I have beheld than the knowledge that all life can be traced back to its evolutionary roots.

It also goes without saying that in contrast to natural selection and evolution of a species, comes with it the ever constant struggle against ignorance and fundamentalism. Where creationists still believe mankind was created in the image of his Lord, intelligent design believers has melded both fields and trust that a higher force has guided us to where we are now. Both schools disregarding simple scientific fact and figures. Both school utterly dangerous to follow in respect to knowledge and all that comes with it.

Regardless of the war that has long littered our education system with lies and half truths, perhaps corrupting future generations to a truth that might someday lead to bigger scientific discoveries. Charles Darwin, the father of modern biology, was just a scientist anyone should look up to. He was also a man, whose curiosity and undying thirst for knowledge, lead him to an observation that would change the world forever. That itself is the heart of anyone who seeks the truth in things, to which the quest is neverending for as long as we still gaze upon the stars to question our existence.

So Happy Darwin Day. And may the truth you seek never be obscured by the tides, and always found on that distant shore.

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