Happy “Multiple Celebrations In A Day” Day!

It’s not everyday that so many celebrations coincide on one single day. It just feels like one single well wish isn’t enough to convey the spirit of the holidays. It just takes the fun out of it anyway, but I’m going to try to either way so here it goes.

Happy Chinese New Year! To all those of you celebrating the end of Rat and the beginning of the Ox, may your year be as hardworking and prosperous as an Ox year can be. Also, be very sure that you don’t get an Ox which has mad cow disease. That doesn’t really bode well in the long term.

Happy Winter-een-mas! To those of you unfamiliar with it, it was originally a gag started off in a webcomic known as Ctrl-Alt-Del. Over time, it has grown to be a celebratory week from the January 25th till the 31st for computer and console gamers alike. To us gamers, tis theseason to pay homage to the spirits of gaming. To which brings us all together as one regardless of what platform we play on, from now till the gates of Arcadia.

Happy Australia Day! To all Australians and everyone else in Australia right about now. While the history behind it is lost in my pages of, well, history. To me, Australia Day represents a summary everything that makes an Aussie, Australian. Namely, the beach, the booze, the barby. Kudos if you can have all of that in one sitting. Since I’m not there, well wishes will have to suffice. That and a nice tall drink to order.

And last but not least.

Happy Birthday Melissa
It seems like yesterday we’ve been together.
It seems so long we’ve been apart.
Yet regardless of the stormy weather.
You’ve always been my heart.

You’ve been there in my darkest hour.
You’ve stood by me amidst the light.
You always know what to do when things go sour.
Your aloof confidence an ever inspiring sight.

Now it’s been four years over,
Since you’ve had your twenty-first.
So many things have happened since then.
We’ve gotten through the best and the worst.

Now stand in the middle of the quarter,
Even though I know you don’t feel much,
But know I will be with you ever after,
Is the only gift I can give as such.

May your years ahead never fraught with age.
May wisdom of the times always grace your page.
If there is a simple wish that can be said in this time of cheer.
Happy birthday my love, my Melissa, now let’s celebrate it with some beer.

Now enjoy your holidays everyone, whoever you are, wherever you are. Have a happy one.

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