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I just realised one very very very important thing today.

I don’t think I can maintain my site and my net bill at the same time without some extra money coming from somewhere.

All I know is that in order for me to keep trying to do what I do, I need to get some money up however I can and even working part time just won’t cut it that much to what I do. At least not now. So this leaves me with two alternative options to this little sticky mess.

  1. Quit blogging, blogsurfing and blog tweaking altogether.
  2. Obtain money from my blog.

I don’t think that the first option is much of an option at all considering what I plan to do and what I have already said and done. So that pretty much leaves me with the other option. I need at least some influx of money to be a part of the blogosphere for the time being until I can at least find a better way of supporting both my daily lifestyle and my online world at the same time. So there is only one way at this with my blog being right smack in the middle of the solutions.

Google adsense is one option. Paypal donations is the other, like this one.

I know I know…it sounds a bit like begging in a way. Then again, you can choose to donate and it doesn’t cost you much to help click on the ads to help support my site and my efforts to help out on WordPress related sites. I mean…I really would appreciate it a lot if you can support me in that way especially if you happen to be a regular reader.

Gee I wonder why I feel guilty asking of you this way?

But anyway, yeah…of all the posts I have ever written, this is one of the few serious ones that involve the outcome of this blog and everything I do regarding blogs. Which means the future again is in your hands. I hope everything turns out alright.

19 thoughts on “Help Keep My Blog Alive

  1. Maybe you should consider going for a cheaper host if your cost of maintaining this site is too expensive for you. Are you paying for hosting monthly or yearly?

    – MENJ

  2. The hosting is cheap enough as it is. It’s the uni network that kills me. I pay 11 cents AUD for every MB uploaded and Downloaded. That’s the real killer.

  3. Asking people to click ads are a violation of adsense terms. but i dont see any ads to click around your site =/

  4. Well people can read the ads if they like, its not a must and there is always that paypal donate. Anyway, the ads are not up yet. It’ll take a while to put it back up.

  5. borrow some of your friends unlimited connection..hehe….I didn’t know that university charged you on your bandwidth usage. Usage is free in the University I studied in US. Is kinda suck if people impose such limits.

  6. Anything that falls under uni proxy gets charged. I’d have to go to town to get that unlimited connection. Australia is pretty laidback when it comes to these kinda things here. Malaysia has it cheaper though.

  7. Yeah, studying in Australia too, so I know what you have to go through. Um, don’t you have any friends living off-campus who has broadband or something?

  8. Eliar: Kinda defeats the purpose of being online all the time if I have to keep going to their place doesn’t it?

    Kris: Haha…you need the money as much as I do.

  9. Hmm…you better get enough information before you set up a paypal account. You might end up with a lot of money in paypal and you might not be able to retrieve the money in Malaysia. One of my work-at-home mom is working for some foreign companies. At first she used paypal, only to find out that the money will be stuck in the paypal account. She said something like paypal allowed her to get the money into a US bank account only. Check it out first!

  10. Well I have an Australian bank account anyway so it’s pretty nift to have that to begin with. If I’m back home, I need to open an account in an international bank then I can get the money from paypal. As far as I’m aware off, local banks don’t work.

  11. I would like to open also a Blog with such a solution. What do I have to do? I am grateful for each info .. Greetings from Switzerland 🙂

  12. Whoops, I must have accidentally pinged this when I reedited the page. Yeah, it was 11 cents an MB. Now they lowered it down to 3 cents an MB. It doesn’t really matter though cause I’ve moved out of uni. 🙂

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