Hiatus Now

When there are so many things in your life, some fights can’t be fought on multiple fronts. For the past few months I have been fighting a war on multiple fronts. From my insecurities and knowledge on how people have been dissing me to the future I’m supposed to make to the friends I’m supposed take care off.

Sometimes the weight can get to you.

I guess it’s time as some of you recommended that I take time off before I completely burnout. Maybe it’ll be for a day, maybe it’ll be for a week. But until one of my problems goes away and I find the self that I have to be to get through all this, I rather not compromise blogging for blogging sake like what I’m seeing so far.

To think that it’s actually a worry as well.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to find a way to write for yourself when you lost focus on what yourself actually means. Defining your own existance and understanding what it is isn’t something many people do, let alone something many people accomplish. Some people define it through what they see. Some…through what they do.

Me…well when I define it, I’ll tell you how I did it.

So until then, I’m on hiatus. But never fear, I’ll still be pinging sites with the “best” of Edrei. Some of the most controversial, interesting posts that some of you guys loved. And if not, feel free to look around for more posts. I don’t mind at all.

With that…I’ll be back.

Just wait for me.

9 thoughts on “Hiatus Now

  1. Well, I really hope that you will be back soon and that your blog hiatus will be fading off soon.

    I will be waiting for you to come back!

  2. Ah, you suck. I just updated my Blogroll. =(

    Then again, I did miss Blogathon. *cries*

    P.S. You have a strange tongue.

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