House Rules

The house in a pretty sorry state of mess, which isn’t a surprise. After all, we’ve moved…but we’re far from being settled it. There is just so much to move, so much to clean and so much to unpack. When Mel said it wouldn’t be easy, she was damn right. Even with only 3 suitcases and 2 boxes to contend with, it feels like I’ve gone on a marathon, lost, and had angry fans beat me up. Maybe in retrospect, stopping Mel from proving her own macho shit wasn’t such a good idea.

Anyway,being that it was late in the night, we just had enough time to snap a couple of shots. So to those that would be hardpressed to attend our housewarming party sooner or later, here are some pictures to make the world go round.

Where do you think the zombies are going to pop out?
Why is it every Australian house has some long narrow hallway? I think I saw this scene in a horror movie more than a few times, right before someone gets horribly killed.

Junk...lots of junk
The blue room. Biggest bedroom in the house. Also where we threw in all our stuff before rearranging everything.

Soft toy porn
The yellow room. Mel’s room. Take note that the penguin is NOT doing anything to the bear underneath him. Anything you see is also not admissible in a court of law.

The empty quarter
The green room. The smallest room. My room. Got to love the acoustics of an empty room. Too bad I didn’t bring my guitar.

Now you dont see it...
Now this is why I picked the smallest room. Watch closely. Now you see nothing… don't put your foot in here
…now you see a secret compartment. Pretty cool and dry inside to boot. Perfect for hiding all sorts of valuble things from people…like alcohol or porn. I just got to remember to clean it up first. Wouldn’t want the spiders or other creepy crawlies getting at my stash of alcohol.

I see movie marathons
The question that’s really going to hit my noodle later on is…why does he have 2 DVD players with him to begin with?

I wonder if blue water taste better than what I'm drinking
Either Siew Mao (Translated from Cantonese means Small Cat) lost something in there, or we forgot to put water in his bowl.

The Peeping Tom solution
The long story short is that anyone looking through the window can basically see the person inside taking a shower. Rather than deprive them of their compulsions and giving us some privacy, we blocked the window off with that poster. It’s a win-win situation either way.

You need some whopping, boy.
Something tells me I’m going to love this yard in the evenings. We even got a whipping shed even. Interesting.

See those stars there and there and there?
The other reason why I love the yard, however…taking pictures at stars on a camera without proper settings at night will do you no more good than taking pictures with the lens on. So just to give you an idea. That was supposed to be the Milky Way I took a picture off. Not just random bright stars. The freaking Milky Way complete with itty bitty star clusters.

The inspirational seat
No house is incomplete without a toilet…outside the house. At least we don’t have to wait to go when someone else is in the bathroom…or when the cat needs a drink.

Ya, ini datuk saya punya jalan.
For Albert, this is one road your grandchidren are going to love you for.

Really, why are you looking at me?
“You looking at me? Why you looking at me?”

Pussy on pussy. Can't get any better than that
Definitely love the cat the most. It’s a nice pussy to stroke.

Aint that the coolest lighter ever?
This series of pictures is brought to you by the house that has no Black Metal. We don’t have goats except when we decide to have ourselves a barbeque.

After taking these pictures, I just realized one thing. I don’t have a picture of the entire house especially the best part of the house. Then again, it would be hard pressed to take a picture of the house when it’s pitch black outside. I’m sure I can dig something up sometime, but for now, enjoy…because we’ve still got a lot more to do…and all you get to do is sit back and oogle at the poster outside that bathroom window.

8 thoughts on “House Rules

  1. I like the secret compartment. Nice. But, errm…where’s the bed? or mattress? or everything else for that matter?

    That black cat reminds me of my black cat ‘jaguar’ ….hmmm.

  2. dude that a penguin lighter ? and what was that cat doing ?? it looks as though he/she was acting like a dog and licking the water from the toilet bowl.

  3. Well as I made all my little comments to you as i was reading Ill have to repeat a couple for the readers. I thought my cat was the only one who drank from the toilet…it rocks to know my cat isnt one of a kind. And the penguin lighter….where can i get one. Oh! Michael baby is turning into a penguin person! Just thought you might like to know that Ed. Im not sure spiders like alcohol but noone can really tell i guess as you said earlier it is aussie…

  4. Dee: I haven’t moved the mattress into that room yet…or the desk…or the wardrobe for that matter. I like the cat. The cat is nice. 🙂

    Serge: That is a certified penguin lighter. Too bad I don’t smoke though…but it would be a very cool thing to carry around though.

    Tracy: It shows that interesting people get interesting pets. 🙂 I don’t know where else can you find that lighter, you got to ask my housemate, it’s his. It’s Australia, everything here is saturated with alcohol. It’s like in the blood or something.

    ChickyBabe: That you would also have to ask my housemate. I doubt Mel would mind a picture of a gorgeous hunk. Maybe one of Gale Harold eh? Hehe. 🙂

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