Housemates From Hell

When you’ve been out in the world long enough, you no longer live under the impression that everyone is as nice as they seem and the bullies of yesteryears pale in comparison with the sheer…stupidity and selfishness of what some people have come to…show in themselves.

For almost a week now, the internet has been…well…hijacked really by people whose inconsiderate behavior could only be described as monumental. In short, they are complete assholes with no regards for other people’s well being.

Come on…for the love of God, when you’ve gone somewhere else over the weekend, don’t leave your downloads running and your clothes soaking in the washing machine that no one could be able to use the net or even wash their clothes. For fuck’s sake, other people have more important things to do than having you download games online. For the love of God, if you can’t handle your dog, don’t leave it for other people to take care off while you do whatever it is that you do which doesn’t seem to be important of all.

Most of all…if you for any reason feel that you’re jealous of the fact that I cook and clean for Mel, don’t you take it out on her. If you can’t prove you’re a “loving couple” for your PR defacto, taking it out on people who have an otherwise happier life than you won’t change the fact that both of you have a very bad reputation among the community.

You know very well why we can’t do anything or say anything about it. After all, you control the house and we can’t do anything. You’ve manipulated people into staying without without the regards or how they feel with the empty promises you made. You’ve done a good job too seeing that we can’t legally do anything about it since you’ve crossed all the “t’s” and dotted all the “i’s”. That is…as long as we’re staying in the house.

Of course, all that is going to change soon enough. You have your own little world with your own little plans. You keep being the inconsiderate, selfish bunch of odd couples ever. You do that. We don’t have to do anything once we leave and frankly, you dig your own graves. We’ll be long gone by then and with that we’ll never have to deal with you people ever again.

8 thoughts on “Housemates From Hell

  1. Are you staying with your landlords or wat? Sounds sad…u should think about moving out if possible…or at least talk with them about the probs…

  2. move out!! give them a good slapping before u do!!oh.. try poisoning them also…

  3. the experience of having a bad housemate really horrible.. the prob is, why must we move but not him/her? that’s really bloody hell

  4. telling him/her might be better than telling the world, or are u sticking ur URL on his/her room door? 😛

  5. I realise this is frustrating is there a way you can talk to them and explain the impact this is having on you? Sometimes quiet words can be effective. But I don’t know these people as you do best.

  6. I guess the best option is to move out of the hell hole because since they are so inconsiderate and it won’t make you feel any better, find a better place. Easier said than done, I know but still just try to find a place. If you cannot then the second best option is to talk to them. And tell them what great assholes they are. ‘Nuff said.


  7. Hey Edrei! Sorry I couldnt meet up with you when you were still in KL.. it was.. bad timing. 🙁 Anyways, hows things with you and Mel? FILL ME IN! And hope everythings well la on your side. Keep in touch. 🙂

  8. Leona: Yeah, I am staying with the landlords and they aren’t exactly the easiest people to talk to yet.

    Honey: I’m a nice person. That job is more Mel’s territory.

    WTJ: Cause they hold the lease to the house.

    KY: Nailing it to their forehead would have better response than telling this to them. This is how anal they can be.

    ChickyBabe: We’ve already decided to move out. We’re just being patient for now. At least until all hell breaks loose.

    Kyels: Found a place already. 🙂 Nice quiet place from all that chaos.

    Jasemaine: You come online then. I’ll fill you in on alot of things. Especially since you now owe Mel and Me a song. 🙂

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